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High Rental

Dubai's vibrant tourism and expat scene drive high rental demand, ensuring a steady stream of income for your investment.



Maximise your investment with Dubai's tax-free property ownership and high rental


Steady Capital Appreciation

Invest in Dubai's future with property that has a history of steady growth.


Strategic Diversification

Secure your portfolio by adding real estate for diversification and risk mitigation.



Live the dream in Dubai with the Golden Visa program offering long-term residency, 10 years of visa validity.

of Life

Experience Dubai's vibrancy - safety, top-tier amenities, and a luxurious lifestyle.



Effortlessly explore Dubai with its state-of-the-art transportation network.

Global Business

Thrive in Dubai's dynamic environment - a business hub attracting companies and fostering innovation.

Dubai’s status as a global hub for business, tourism, and luxury living makes it a magnet for investors seeking a piece of the action. The real estate market offers a compelling combination of strong financial returns and a chance to be part of a dynamic and ever-evolving city.
With tax-free property ownership and the potential for high rental yields, investors can generate healthy income streams. Moreover, Dubai’s constant development and flourishing economy suggest a strong possibility for capital appreciation, making your property a potential source of significant future gains.

Reasons to invest in dubai?

High Quality Lifestyle

Dubai offers luxury living with lavish villas, expansive residences, and an opulent coastline to fulfill your desires.

Tax-free Investment

Investing in Dubai real estate offers tax-free benefits: no property, income, capital gains, rental, or VAT taxes.

Stable Economy

Investors favor Dubai’s economy and infrastructure, with the UAE welcoming foreign investors since 2021.

Safest Nation

Dubai, a global safe haven for families, offers peace of mind with low crime rates for living, studying, or strolling.

High Class Facilities

Dubai’s top amenities, from healthcare to leisure, and efficient transport enrich residents’ lives.

Innovative City

Dubai leads with “smart city” and “happiness” projects, aiming to streamline urban life for hassle-free living.

Trending Properties

Trending Properties

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About us

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Just like most countries around the world buying real estate with a mortgage is not only possible but quite common. Thre are multiple local and international banks for buyers to choose from.
Houses in Dubai are in some cases expensive. The city is a global hub and full of luxurious properties so this is hardly surprising. With that said Dubai does have its fair share of low-cost and medium-income housing options
The Dubai Land Department or DLD as it’s often referred to is a government-run entity in Dubai that oversees all real estate-related trading operations. Its primary function is to legalize the sale and purchase of land, boosts investment, and provide customers with a highly integrated, transparent, and secure real estate experience.
Yes, foreigners of all nationalities can purchase property in any of Dubai’s designated freehold areas
Dubai offers a diverse range of properties, including apartments, villas, townhouses, and commercial properties. Additionally, you’ll find off-plan properties (under construction or yet to be built) and readyto-move-in properties.
An off-plan property is one that is still under construction or development. Buying off-plan can have advantages, such as lower prices and flexible payment plans. However, it also carries some risks, as the property may not be delivered on time, or there could be changes in the market that affect its value.
There are no taxes on property transactions as for now. No Capital gains or property taxes.
Yes, both UAE nationals and expatriates can obtain mortgages from local and international banks in Dubai. However, the eligibility criteria and terms may vary based on factors like income, employment status, and the bank’s policies.
Dubai offers numerous popular residential areas, such as Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Arabian Ranches, and Emirates Hills. The choice of the area depends on your preferences, budget, and lifestyle.
Dubai’s real estate market has historically been attractive to investors due to its potential for high returns. However, like any investment, it comes with risks, and market conditions can fluctuate. Conduct thorough research and consider consulting with real estate experts before making any investment decisions

Yes, you can rent out your property in Dubai. However, if you’re an expatriate, it’s essential to obtain a residency visa and a rental property license to legally rent out your property.

Can I get a residency visa if I purchase a property in Dubai

Yes, it is possible to obtain a residency visa in Dubai by purchasing a property. 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has implemented several programs that allow property buyers to obtain residency visas through investment, including 3, 5 and 10 year visas.

Buying property in Dubai fees includes Dubai Land Department (DLD) fees. It can be considered as a one-time tax paid to the government. DLD fee is 4% of the total price of the property
Launched by the UAE government, the system for long-term residence visas enables successful applicants to reside in the UAE without a UAE national sponsor.These visas are issued for five or ten years — depending on the category.
Golden Visa holders benefit from long-term residency in the UAE, offering greater stability and peace of mind, enabling them to invest and build fulfilling, long-lasting careers in the country.Golden Visa holders are able to sponsor family members, dependents, as well as senior employees, depending on the nature and eligibility of sponsorship determined by each visa category.
The Golden Visa is available to various categories of applicants. The categories for the Golden Visa include: Investors, Real Estate Investors, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Scientists, Creatives (Art & Culture), Inventors, Executive Directors, Specialists in priority educational fields, Sports Professionals, PhD Holders, Specialized in engineering or science, High School Graduates and University Graduates.
Upon receiving their Golden Visa, successful applicants may begin the process to sponsor family members.

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